This past year, about 6,000 Dallas County seniors each remaining thousands of dollars in grant help up for grabs by not filing a FAFSA Don't let that be you! Come get one-on-one assistance filling out the FAFSA Asian-language speakers and Helpline callers who live with children ages 5 and under may be eligible for free nicotine patches, sent direct… Read More

Rashes. Bug bites. Strange bumps. Here's our guide to treating the top warmer summer months skin irritations. Pityriasis rosea usually starts off with a green or tan oval area (sometimes called a herald or mother patch) on the breasts or back. The main patch is usually followed (after a couple weeks) by smaller red or tan areas elsewhere on your bo… Read More

Portion Shelby Township, Livonia, Clarkston, Warren, Southgate and the Detroit Area. A hernia is a lump that varies in size under the skin, in the tummy or groin. A hernia is really because your baby's muscles haven't developed fully. An umbilical hernia occurs around the tummy button which is more common in a few ethnic groups, specifically newbor… Read More

Between holiday cookies and home-baked pies to journeying far distances, it's rather a challenge to remain active and committed to healthy habits during the holiday season. With family commitments, holiday functions, and present shopping, hitting the gym often gets postponed or crossed off of the schedule altogether. Being healthy sounds like it co… Read More

Hello! Welcome to Quit Smoking Community, the biggest online community and learning hub for smokers in search of creativity and information. My first grandchild will be blessed in May and this finally offered me the willpower I needed. I quit cool turkey since 13 times. So far nothing at all..On day2 and Day3, I took one Nicorite, then...all calm..… Read More